5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Living In An Apartment

One thing we love about apartment living is the flexibility it can provide to our daily lives. Living in an apartment community has several advantages, including ways to keep saving more on your utility bills. Utility bills are based on certain factors decided on by your apartment community. Luckily, lowering your utility bills doesn’t mean you have to take extreme measures to do so. If you find yourself needing to cut down on energy consumption for your home, Bay Breeze Apartment Homes has found ways for you to do so! 

Adjust your thermostat 

Adjusting your thermostat is sometimes an underutilized tip that can help you save big on your monthly utility bills. A large portion of your bill is based on how much you heat and cool your apartment home. However, simply changing the temperature on your thermostat by either raising or decreasing the temperature by a few degrees based on the season can help you in a juristic way. The closer your thermostat is to the actual temperature outside will help you save more. 

Change air filters 

If the air filters in your apartment home are old, they’re more than likely making your HVAC system work harder than it needs to be. Changing these filters every month to three months helps keep your HVAC system working efficiently. Worn-out air filters will have your system 

working overtime. Along with changing your filters, be sure to check your vents and ducts for any dirt and debris. Over time, the dirt and debris buildup will slowly get sucked into your system causing it to work double-time resulting in your system not cooling or heating your apartment home adequately. 

Use energy-efficient light bulbs 

Changing all the lightbulbs in your home can help benefit your monthly utility bill more than you think! Regular bulbs tend to not last as long as energy-efficient bulbs, which means you’ll be changing them out more often. Not only will they require less maintenance, but less heat is also wasted as it is converted into light. In comparison, regular bulbs release most of their energy as heat instead of light. By switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs like LEDs, you are able to use less energy by its design to help you save more. 

Turn off lights and small appliances 

Phantom power is a real thing! Phantom power is power that is on standby, meaning your energy consumption is still actually being used even if those devices or appliances are not actually in use. Consider unplugging your small appliances like your toaster or blender. While unplugging any unused items, be sure to turn off any lights in your home that you are not using. These small actions can lead to large benefits in the long run. When you leave your home, do a walk-through to ensure every light that you want off is securely shut off like lamps, closet lights and overhead lights. 

Use smart power strips

Utilizing power strips are a great way to get more bang for your buck with your energy usage. Power strips can help you conserve power while also directing energy use to one spot instead of multiple places in your home. Now, there are even smart power strips that turn off completely after a set period of time. Connect multiple devices to one power strip, some of these items can include game consoles, surveillance devices, TVs, cable boxes, lamps, routers and much more.

Bay Breeze Apartment Homes is committed to helping you save more so you can do more. Our community in Daphne, AL brings you seven different spacious floor plans ready and available for you. Contact our leasing office today to schedule a tour by calling (251) 621-9150!

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