Apartment Decoration Tips on the Eastern Shore

Living in Daphne, Alabama allows access to spectacular outdoor areas and a direct connection to the deep-rooted history of the area through the historical buildings and forts that have lasted hundreds of years. In a location with so much natural beauty and history outside, it is easy to bring the beauty inside your home as well.

Wall Art

One of the best ways to improve your decor is themed wall art. Whether you choose to follow a specific color scheme or use personal photos, having a common theme throughout your apartment will allow each room to feel connected. On the Eastern Shore, a common trend is coastal decor. An apartment on the lake at Bay Breeze Apartment Homes is the perfect place to display coastal wall art or other decor items.

Create a Getaway Inside

When you live at Bay Breeze Apartment Homes, every day is a mini vacation! Embrace the serenity by using bright natural colors like blue or green. These colors can be used in simple ways such as a pop of color from a throw pillow on your couch or bed. Create your own oasis with decor and furniture that is your style! 

Never Underestimate Curtains

Curtains are the gateway to maximizing natural light in the apartment. They can also save you money on your electric bill. Selecting a complementary color that coordinates with the rest of the room will allow the eye to take in the decor without feeling too busy. If your schedule requires sleeping throughout the day, or you feel as if you get too much sunlight coming through your windows, consider investing in layered curtains that have interchangeable layers for the winter and the summer. We do ask that our residents use drapes lined in white to create a uniform exterior presence. 

Add Fresh Scents

Placing essential oil diffusers with a natural scent is another method for giving your home a welcoming atmosphere. Using scents in a home has been proven to provide relaxation and reduce stress. Allow your guests to step into a sanctuary by using essential oils or simply opening the windows and letting in the ‘bay breeze’.

Beware of Storms

Living on the Eastern Shore comes with one downside, hurricane season. From June 1st to November 30th, being weather aware is crucial. If you have furniture on your balcony or patio, be sure it is heavy enough to withstand the strong winds that tropical storms and hurricanes can deliver. Also, be sure your outdoor furniture is made of materials that won’t warp or fade overtime.

Bay Breeze Apartment Homes has so much to offer apartment dwellers. We hope utilizing these tips helps you settle in and feel comfy in your new apartment with us! For more information or to schedule your tour, give us a call at (251) 621-9150 or apply now.

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This place is the best! I'm up for renewal and will be signing! It's quiet, well kept, peaceful. All the things I’m looking for! Staff is on top of things

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