Bay Breeze Garden

Have you been down to check out the Bay Breeze community garden yet? Spring is well underway and summer is right around the corner, so that means we’ve got fresh produce starting to grow!

What’s Growing? 

Fresh produce is starting to grow right now in the community garden. Wondering what the community has going on? If you’re participating in the community garden, check out these harvesting tips and consider sharing and trading crops with your fellow residents so everyone can enjoy it. 


  • Harvesting Tips: Ripe tomatoes can be gently plucked from the stem. Be sure to wash your tomatoes before eating to remove dirt and any chemicals.
  • What to Use Them For: Tomatoes are perfect for slicing and adding to burgers and sandwiches. Add some halved cherry tomatoes to a green salad or pasta salad. Make some Caprese appetizers or even a Margherita pizza.

Jalapeno Peppers 

  • Harvesting Tips: Be cautious when harvesting jalapeno peppers. They are very strong and can leave residue on fingers. Wear gloves, or wash hands thoroughly when done. Avoid contact with face or eyes.
  • What to Use Them For: Give your cooking a kick with jalapeno peppers. Dice them up and add them to homemade salsa or sauce, grill them for a delicious charred spice or try something fun like bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. 


  • Harvesting Tips: Cucumbers can be harvested at any point during their growth. The longer you leave a cucumber the larger it will get, but you can pluck the little ones for snacking.
  • What to Use Them For: Crispy, cool and refreshing, cucumbers are the perfect summer vegetable. Slice them up for snacking, add them to a green or pasta salad or try your hand at making pickles!


  • Harvesting Tips: Celery should not be harvested until at least 6 inches in height. When harvested the individual stalks can be cut from the plant with a sharp knife or scissors. 
  • What to Use Them For: Celery is a staple in any kitchen and can be used as a base for things like soups and casseroles. Want a tasty afternoon snack? Pop some peanut butter on a celery stick for a kick of protein. 

Want to have a potluck and enjoy your bounty? Snag one of the barbeque and grill areas and try some of these scrumptious summer recipe ideas.

Our community garden is the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine while getting to know your neighbors and having a little fun. If you’re interested in learning more about the community garden, pop by the leasing office for more information.

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This place is the best! I'm up for renewal and will be signing! It's quiet, well kept, peaceful. All the things I’m looking for! Staff is on top of things

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