Is a Studio Apartment Right for You?

When choosing an apartment floor plan, there can be tons of options to choose from. Often you hear about one and two bedroom apartment homes, but there’s another option that not many people talk about...the studio apartment. Do you think a studio apartment might be right for you? Let’s talk about some of the perks of living in a studio apartment at Bay Breeze Apartment Homes.

Simplicity - Living in a studio apartment means you’re less likely to accumulate junk. This will keep you more organized and you’ll be able to enjoy the items you own more than you would if you have a bunch of items you didn’t need lying around.

Cost - Studio apartments are not only more cost effective when it comes to rent prices, but it will cost you less to furnish, heat, cool and clean! Everybody likes saving money and studio apartments can be easy on the wallet while still giving you a great place to call home.

It’s Cozy - If you use the layout to your advantage you can create a really cozy space in a studio apartment. With decor and aesthetics that are cohesive, your space will be looking amazing and inviting to anyone who walks through the door.

Functionality - In a studio apartment things become multipurpose and functionality is increased. Instead of buying two TVs so you can watch in bed, you can position your set up so it’s viewable from the bed and the couch! Have a vanity that would also work as a desk? In a studio it’s not tucked away in another room it’s right there for you to use however you need.

Now that you’ve seen some of the great things about living in a studio apartment let’s look at some of the drawbacks (and some solutions).

Guests - Having guests can be a little tricky in a studio. Where do they sit? They are going to see my bedroom, will the lack of privacy bother them? Lots of people live in studio apartments and I’m sure this isn’t the first time they have encountered one. Having flexible seating options for guests will help them feel welcomed and invited. Worried about your bedroom being right there? It’s a great reason to keep it clean, organized and looking great. For overnight guests things like pull out couches, futons and air mattresses are great solutions.

Feeling Cooped Up - Having just one room might make you feel a little cooped up and like you don’t have an escape. Instead of just swapping from couch to bed and back again, beat those blues by getting out. Go for a walk around the community, explore your local coffee shop or take a good book and hang by the pool. Getting out of the house will be good for you and it will have you appreciating your space when you get home.

So what do you think, is studio living right for you? Come tour one of our beautiful studio apartments. If it’s not right for you we won’t hold it against you. At Bay Breeze Apartment Homes, we’ve got plenty of floor plans to choose from and there’s bound to be one for you!

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This place is the best! I'm up for renewal and will be signing! It's quiet, well kept, peaceful. All the things I’m looking for! Staff is on top of things

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